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Wireless Sensor Network initiatives

  1. Contiki wiki
  2. with documentation, getting-started guides, tutorials, a FAQ, and other information about Contiki! The Operating System for Connecting the Next Billion Devices - the Internet of Things.
  3. CLARITY: The Centre for Sensor Web Technologies
  4. The REALWSN'08 Workshop on Real-World Wireless Sensor Networks, April 1, 2008, Glasgow, Scotland (supported by WISENET)
  5. IRT Foundation to Support Man and Aging Society in Japan
  6. ART-WiSE (Architecture for Real-Time communication in Wireless Sensor networks)
  7. Missing something, Please inform us.

Strong research and innovation milieus

In the group of strong research and innovation milieus is WISENET a VINNOVA VINN Excellence Center.

VINNOVA centres

  • VINN Excellence Centers provide a forum for collaboration between the private and public sectors, universities and colleges, research institutes and other organizations that conduct research. The Centres deal with both basic and applied research and they work to ensure that new knowledge and new technological developments lead to new products, processes and services.
  • Berzelii Centres focus on excellent basic research.
  • Institute Excellence Centres have the aim of creating leading international environments for research, development and innovation activities in fields that are important to the future growth and competitiveness of Sweden.

Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research

  • Strategic research centres consist of several co-localized research groups that cooperate to solve an important research problem.

VINN Excellence Center

Berzelii Centres

Institute Excellence Centres

Strategic research centres

The list above show centres partcipating in leadership training arranged by VINNOVA 2008-2010. For more information about Swedish research centres see the funding agencies pages.

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