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Awards connected to WISENET

Awards to WISENET members


  • 14-04-04, Best Paper at WONS 2014: How do the dynamics of battery discharge affect sensor lifetime? by Laura Feeney (Swedish Institute of Computer Science & Uppsala University, Sweden); Christian Rohner (Uppsala University, Sweden); Per Gunningberg (Uppsala University, Sweden); Anders Lindgren (Pricer AB, Sweden); Lars Andersson (Pricer AB, Sweden)

  • Best paper award at ExtremeCom 2013 was received by Hjalmar Wennerström, Lars-Åke Norden and Thiemo Voigt as co-authors to Hot Packets: A Systematic Evaluation of the Effect of Temperature on Low Power Wireless Transceivers. The first author Carlo Alberto Boano (TU Graz) visted UU in february. ExtremeCom2013award
  • 13-04-18 Awards to WISENET paper and Demo at IPSN 2013
    The International Conference on Information Processing in Sensor Networks (IPSN) is a leading, single-track, annual forum on research in wireless, embedded, and networked sensing systems.
  • Phase 2, 2009-2012

    Phase 1, 2007-2009

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