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Welcome to Uppsala VINN Excellence Center for Wireless Sensor Networks (WISENET) a VINNOVA supported VINN Excellence Center.

The MISSION of WISENET is to do research and innovations that enables a family of sensor nodes and wireless networks for Swedish industry and Public sector applications that meet future requirements on functionality, reliability, standards, cost, endurance, energy handling, size, sensitivity and security. The three main goals of the Center are:

  • to become one of the leading multidisciplinary centers on wireless sensor networks in the world,
  • to strengthen the industrial/other partner's competitiveness by providing prototypes and other top-level research results for further commercialization,
  • to contribute to education and learning in the WSN area by creating new study programs for PhD and Master students as well as providing infrastructure and specialized courses for industry.

WISENET was evaluated by VINNOVA 2012 with the following comments on the scientifc performance:

  • "the Centre is producing some excellent science with global impact and generally its research is at a level expected of a VINN Excellence Centre"
  • "WISENET is addressing interesting scientific problems and is developing technologies at the frontier or current state of the art."
  • "The scientific work performed within the centre is overall of a good quality and this is appropriate and in keeping with, and in some cases exceeding, the expectations of a VINN Centre of Excellence "

WISENET was evaluated 2011 by Uppsala university in Quality and Renewal, KoF11. WISENET was rated as 1 (Top-quality) see page 404. The KOF11 report is available here.

An introduction poster about WISENET is here.


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